A Unique and Intelligent Cloud Contact Center that gives you Total Control & Freedom.
Select best-of-breed vendors for CRM & Bring Your Own Voice carrier.

Open platfrom to rule your contact center

CRMs Supported


Contact Center that Grows With You

Empower your contact center with a cloud-native, highly customizable platform that provides speed, agility, and reliability.
With low-code, no-code, and custom-code development tools, you have the assurance of 99.95% uptime SLA and can quickly scale to any enterprise demand.


A highly efficient automatic system for outgoing call management. Allows configuration of client lists, call-center operator workloads, call scheduling, and other elements.

Logistics of calls

When and what do you want your client to hear about you? Set the time and the windows of bidirectional calls.

Users and Departments Management

Build department hierarchies, set up tasks, manage personal and department call flow.

Real-Time Monitoring

Supervise the call center in real-time and track the operators' work efficiency.


Exhaustive reporting availability based on all call data. Extract valuable insights and develop new strategies around actual results.

SMS Management System

Communicate by two-way SMS automatically using templates with selected phone numbers.

OCC bringing sip

OCC allows bringing any SIP based carrier termination providers into the system

Our ecosystem allows clients to select termination carriers on a destination basis. This flexibility delivers the potential for enhanced voice QoS and lowers costs.


Average savings on Voice cost

OCC Platform’s Tools

OCC Platform’s Tools


View the real-time situation, statistics, and monitoring via user-friendly visual tools.

Call Flows

Configure call flows using visual tabs incorporated within the platform's dashboard.

IVR and TTS tools

Use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) tools to save time and automate communication.

API Integration

A highly scalable and flexible call center software that lets you integrate any 3rd party Solution or application with APIs to double its capacity.


Reports provide all data insights about calls and phone numbers. Need more? Listen to the particular call and view all information about it.

OCC platform tools

Why Choose Open Contact Center?

Ready for integration with your CRM

Integrates with all major CRM & cloud providers to get you started instantaneously!

Cloud Based & Secure

Masquerading clients' information that is visible to agents, provides security to businesses with their data against potential leaks and theft.

Easy to customize

Highly customizable & feature-rich Contact Center platform that empowers you & lets you manage workflows, agents, routing, call logistics & more.

Feature Stockpile

Intelligent Autodials, Inbound Widgets, Workflows, Analytics, Media Center, All Level Reporting, and Training Modes.

Remote Ready

OCC facilitates remote office work by using native WebRTC. Call-center operators can work any time, anywhere with equal agility.

Bring Your Own Carrier

Bring Your Own Carrier and relish a host of benefits, including affordable global coverage, greater flexibility, better efficiency, concierge service & support.

More ways to use BYOC

bring your own carrier

Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Enabling you to lower costs, increase control of your call traffic, expand global coverage, and ensure uninterrupted VoIP quality.

idt tools

Tools to Help MaximizeYour ROI

IDT Tools help you achieve target ROI, quality, and the profitability your business needs.

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